How to build a resume to make an impression?

As we all are aware of the fact that the field of medical assistants is the fastest growing area in the whole medical sector! So, the way you reflect yourself thorough your resume is of huge importance. Given below are highlights that should be incorporated in your resume:

–          Name and Contact details:
all information including your name and phone number, may be even your email ID, should be provided right at the top for ease of search.

–          Make a strong objective:
when applying for any position, always have one thing in mind- this job is great for you and you will want to stay here for a long, long time. Keeping this in mind, build your objective on something concrete and bold. It should demonstrate the knowledge in the field and interest towards it.


–          Educational Qualifications:

Education is the most important part of any job requirement. It shows your knowledge and skill. Make sure that you list all the programs or courses you have completed, honors and special recognitions to be included in this as well.
In the field of medical assistantship, certificates can judge you to a whole new extent. If you have earned any certificates, (such as the Certified Medial Assistant (CMA) or even theRegistered Medical Assistant (RMA) list it out in this field.

With the changes in technology and recent changes that have been taking over the medical world, education is one way of being updated with the growing trends. The added qualification and certification will definitely put you in an advantageous position over the other applicants.

–          Work history:

The way this is portrayed should be neat and self-explanatory. The previous places you have worked in and the position that you handles should be given in a reverse, chronological sequence. A detailed explanation of your achievements in each position should be mention in the points as well. Although, this is a field that graduates need not worry about. Adding more information to your recent or last work experience is advised.

–          Skills:
when applying for a medical assistant job, make sure that your resume talks about the skills that you are good at. Skills like basic first aid, checking CPR, making records, checking medical history, handling stress, transcription and knowledge of medical terminology, medical coding, knowledge of insurance and much more! Listing out skills gives your employer a positive sign that you have an idea about what you are needed to do.
And, if you have already worked at an office where you needed a completely different set of skills which are not needed in the job you are applying for, doesn’t mean that you don’t mention them. You never know what job they might give you with the skills that you have!

–          References:
References from healthcare facilities or providers, when going in for a medical job, are the best. Provide a minimum of two or three references from professionals. They can be anybody! People you have met through work, teachers, volunteers, and past employees.


Things to remember:

  • Keep you resume always up to date. Keep updating all your skills and basic information.
  • Resumes should not be over 2 pages.
  • No grammatical errors should be contained.
  • Have someone double check your resume
  • Always save your resume as a .PDF file to reduce the hassles caused by the other files that might not be compatible with different systems.
  • Never lie about anything on your resume. Stick to the facts and let honesty be the guiding light. Remember, no employer wants someone with pretentious skills in their office.